Contributing to the Creation of a Safe and Secure Society by Providing
High-Quality Positioning Information

With the declining population and labor shortages, improving productivity has become an important issue in various areas of Japanese society. For example, shortage of engineers in the construction industry, a decrease in t agricultural workforce, and supply in depopulated areas. In order to achieve sustainable growth in a variety of fields, advanced DX (Digital Transformation) technologies by ICT that “connect” people, goods, organizations, and regions using ICT are needed.
Since its establishment in January 2002, JENOBA has been contributed to improving the productivity of many public-works projects by consistently providing a stable supply of high-accuracy positioning information, mainly in the surveying industry. Nowadays our service made available to more customers in a variety of fields, such as unmanned construction, automation of agricultural machinery, infrastructure inspection by drone. We will continue to deliver reliable and high-accuracy positioning information to the many corporate enterprise who support social infrastructure through our sustainable high-accuracy positioning information distribution service.

JENOBA will continue to expand its business by responding to the trust of all stakeholders and solving social issues through its stable, high-accuracy positioning-based information distribution services.



Yoshimichi Kawano